We develop and supply custom made electronics & embedded systems

We stand for innovative products with high quality and low price


Development through cooperation. From the beginning we think together with you about the specifications, producability, and required cost price of your product. We make sure that the product meets the necessary standards and legislation. Together with you we make the right choices, taking product and market developments in consideration. In this way, you will get a product that is in time for a successful market launch.


Developing a product doesn’t stop after the design of it. In order to guarantee the quality, we also facilitate the production and supply towards you. We work together with different production partners. We choose the best production method in order to guarantee the required quality, costs, and lead time. The knowledge we gain during production is then used in new development projects. This guarantees that our developed products can be produced in the most optimal way.


When the product has been developed and produced, we still go a bit further. We can give technical support on the products developed by us. We can also do product innovations: extending the product lifetime by means of a redesign, reducing product cost, or adding new features and functions to your product.  We have all the necessary competence to maintain the complete life-cycle of your product: from idea to phase-out.

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