3T: leading for more than 25 years

Internationally active with roots in Twente

3T is a leading design house for electronics and embedded systems

With a team of more than 75 people, we are one of the largest design houses in The Netherlands.

3T has offices in Enschede and Eindhoven.


We continuously invest in our expertise in the field of electronics and embedded systems to enable our customers to deliver perfect products.


Through innovation in electronics and embedded systems, products become better, smarter and more intelligent which results in a cleaner, saver, healthier and more sustainable society.

We believe in the power of cooperation. Being an innovative co-developer, we work closely together with our partners and customers to deliver perfect products.

Our dedicated employees are our strength. They have technology and quality in their DNA. We invest in our people through training and active career management.

Every employee is an ambassador of 3T. They go for the best solution that makes the difference for their clients.

We believe in the continuity and growth of our company. Profit is a means but not an goal in itself.

Core values

Open, honest and respectful. Solution-oriented, innovative, goal-oriented and efficient.

Responsible, inquisitive and naturally quality conscious.

These are the core values that 3T stands for.



The Centre for Micro Elektronics Twente (CME Twente) was founded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the TU Twente


CME Twente privatized: Twente Technology Transfer B.V.


Twente Technology Transfer re-started as 3T B.V. with Marten Eggink and Arro Electronics B.V. from Hoogeveen as shareholders. Moving to Institutenweg 6 in Enschede


Marten Eggink full owner of 3T


Opening 3T office in Best


Moving 3T office in Best to Eindhoven, Esp 401


3T in Enschede is ISO 9001:2008 (quality system) certified


Management buy-out by Norbert Beltman and Richard Mijnheer


Moving to Institutenweg 1, Enschede


3T in Enschede is EN ISO 13485:2012 (medical) certified. Doubled our office space in Eindhoven


3T is certified according to the new ISO standards: ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016. Extended our office space in Eindhoven.


3Ts 25th anniversary. Acquired additional office space in Enschede: Auke Vleerstraat 4. 3T receives a FD Gazellen award for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.


3T receives the Bronzen FD Gazellen award from Financieel Dagblad and is called fastest growing company in Twente by TC Tubantia.

Nursery for start ups

Entrepreneurship is one of the success factors of 3T. This resulted in two companies that started up out of 3T and have been supported by 3T: Lionix and Eluxis.

Professional team

3T has a team of more than 75 specialists in the area of analog and digital electronics and software. Our employees have technology and quality in their DNA. They are bachelor and master degree skilled engineers that can work in close cooperation with our customers. A part of the team is specialized in the production of electronics. They are able to select the right production method together with you. Also managing and controlling the supply chain is in good hands with them.

The management of 3T consist of Norbert Beltman (Chief Operating Officer) and Richard Mijnheer (Chief Executive Officer).

Norbert Beltman en Richard Mijnheer met de FD Gazelle award 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility

We find it important to contribute to social responsible issues. We already work using leadfree soldering for many years. Since 2006 we also support the Solar Team Twente of the Twente University as one of their technology sponsors.

In 2019 3T was one of the main sponsors of the RED E.


Photo: Jérôme Wassenaar


Quality is very important to us. 3T in Enschede is therefore ISO 9001:2015 (quality system) and EN ISO 13485:2016 (medical) certified.
We make sure that the product we develop meets all applicable standards and regulations. We have all the knowledge and experience when it comes to things like

  • CE: EMC-regulation, Medical Device Directive
  • RoHS and WEEE (leadfree)
  • ATEX: IEC 60079-series
  • Safety: IEC 61010, IEC 62368, IEC 60950
  • Medical products: MDD (93/42/EEC), IEC 60601 series, IEC 62304,  IEC 14971, FDA

Together with you we determine what standards and regulations your product has to meet.


Customers and markets

Many of our customers are well known, international operating companies that belong to the best in their market segments. They are mainly located in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

3T mainly works for companies active in the following markets:

  • High-tech machines
  • Measurement and test instruments
  • Aerospace, Defence & Security
  • Communication systems
  • Medical products
  • High-end Consumer products

We go for a long term partnership with our customers. Many of them are our customer for many and many years. To full satisfaction of both.