Analog electronics

Technology is our passion, Quality is what we stand for

Technology and quality is in our DNA. 3T invests a lot in building up knowledge of new technologies and manufacturing. We do this by performing technology research projects internally. This enables us to excel in a number of technologies and guarantee the quality of your product.

One of our core compentences is analog electronics.

Analog electronics

Analog electronics is one of our core competencies. For items like sensor interfaces, data acquisition, special power amplifiers, motor management and control circuits, 3T is the place to be. For example if it is a capacitive distance sensor with nanometer resolution or a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer with sub-millifringe resolution: we can do it.

Typical characteristics of the solutions are:

  • working in a noisy environment (signal/noise)
  • high dynamic range
  • low drift
  • high precision
  • low noise
  • low power
  • EMC: low emission and high immunity
  • optimal integration with the digital domain (micro-controller or FPGA)

Is the knowlegde of analog electronics becoming scarce? Not at 3T. We have more than 10 experts in our team in this discipline.

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