April 2008

The inventors of the e-bike of Sparta: The Sparta Ion

1 April, 2008|

3T develops the Sparta ION e-bike
Cycling with the wind in your back
Sparta’s partnerships with various specialized companies has enabled […]

March 2011

71 Xilinx FPGAs key in a realtime datapath

31 March, 2011|

71 FPGAs key to the success of PCB printer Lunaris
In 2009 Mutracx demonstrated his Lunaris inkjet technology to print […]

April 2012

Solar Team Twente and 3T set new standard in battery management

4 April, 2012|

Battery pack takes solar car to its limits
The rise of the electric car and the e-bike gives the development of […]

March 2013

Nurse call system for Elderly Care

1 March, 2013|

Nurse call system becomes a multi functional communications platform
What started as a simple alarm system, developed into a multi functional communications […]

April 2013

Model Based Design: faster and better FPGA development

26 April, 2013|

Model Based Design brings 3T to faster FPGA development
In the development of FPGA firmware for a brake system for […]

July 2013

Successful audit for ISO 9001:2008

1 July, 2013|

Our ISO 9001:20089 certificate has been extended after a successful audit by DEKRA.

October 2013

The Solar Challenge 2013 has been completed

14 October, 2013|

From 6 October 2013 The RED Engine from the Solar Team Twente drove the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge for […]

December 2010

Test time reduction from days to minutes

16 December, 2010|

3T reduces test time from days to minutes
Nowadays, many machines consist of a complex combination of electronics, software, mechanics, actuators and […]

May 2014

Intelligent sensor interface

6 May, 2014|

3T gives pyranometer an intelligent sensor interface
When the weather report mentions something about the amount of solar radiation, the […]

June 2014

The wind in your back because of 3T from Enschede

23 June, 2014|

 (Article is only available in Dutch)

Twente is de kraamkamer van tal van baanbrekende vindingen. Technologie die wereldwijd wordt toegepast en […]