April 2016

3T Gold Partner 2016 in Altera Design Solutions Network

29 April, 2016|

Altera Gold Partner
3T has received the status of  Gold partner in the renewed partner program of Altera, the Design Solutions Network, for the year 2016. […]

3T launches the MINT

11 April, 2016|

3T launches the MINT
3T launches the MINT: the Ultimate Multi Interface Development Board. The MINT contains an Altera Arria […]

March 2016

Analog measurement in a digital age

15 March, 2016|

Measuring analog in a digital age
Designing a flowmeter for an environment with radiation
For years, the practice in measurement and control […]

February 2016

Video: 3Ts face recognition demo at the Embedded World 2016

29 February, 2016|

Video: 3Ts face recognition demo at the Embedded World 2016

3Ts face recognition demo, a camera demo based on an Altera Cyclone […]

3T 20 years National Instruments Alliance Partner

17 February, 2016|

20 years National Instruments Alliance Partner
Since 1998, 3T has been an user of LABView from National Instruments. Because National Instruments is an […]

December 2015

3T is Altera Quartus II Certified

9 December, 2015|

Altera Quartus II Certified
All FPGA firmware engineers at 3T have passed their exams for Altera Quartus II: our engineers showed to have […]

November 2015

Video: LabVIEW scritping using Python

30 November, 2015|

NI Days Benelux 2015: LabVIEW scripting using Python
3T was present at NI Days Benelux 2015 (Eindhoven, 10 November 2015). We made a […]

September 2015

3T presenting at the NIDays Benelux 2015

2 September, 2015|

Being an Alliance Partner of National Instruments we are present and giving a presentation at the NIDays Benelux 2015. The […]

May 2015

3T partner of MATLAB Conference 2015 Benelux

28 May, 2015|

3T partner of MATLAB Conference 2015 Benelux
On 11 June 2015 the MATLAB Conference 2015 Benelux will be held in Eindhoven. […]

February 2015

3T exhibits at the Embedded World 2015

2 February, 2015|

3T will be exhibiting at the Embedded World 2015 (23-26 Feb) in Nuremberg together with our partner EBV Elektronik. […]