Co-development: development through cooperation

We go for a partnership for life

Development through cooperation. From the beginning we think together with you about the specifications, producability, and wanted cost price for your product.
We make sure that the product meets the necessary standards and legislation. Together with you we make the right choices taking product and market developments in consideration. In this way, you will get a product that is on time for a successful market launch.


Project based approach

We work through a project based approach. We do this from our offices in Enschede and Eindhoven. In this way, we can select the right project team and have access to all necessary tooling and equipment. In close cooperation with you we define the way of working. We do our projects according to our development process which is defined in our ISO 9001:2015 en EN-ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Manual. We can also develop according to your own development process and Quality Manual if required.

Transparency and trust

We find good communication very important. That is why every project is managed by one of our project managers. He is your primary contact person.  Direct communication between you and our engineers is essential. We therefore meet on a regular basis with customers at their offices or at an office of 3T. The project manager guarantees that every project is successfully completed: with the right quality, in time, and within budget. That is the base for your trust in us.


Technology and quality are what our employees go for. It is in the DNA of 3T. That is why we daily invest in building up knowledge in new technologies. We excel in the area of analog and digital electronics, embedded software, and test systems. On top of that we also know very well how to get it produced. We work together with several technology partners which supply us with the latest technologies and tools. But, we can’t do everything ourselves. We have several partners that can help us develop a complete solution for you.

Knowledge of your market

Technology is just one part of the solution. It is important to know how the technology is used in your market. We need to know how the product is used, which legislation is applicable, and which standards have to be met.  We have a broad experience in several areas such as machine control platforms, measurement and test equipment, medical devices, consumer products, and communication systems.

Partnership for life

Co-development means intense and close cooperation with trust as a basis. This requires an investment that we gladly do. We strive for a long term and successful cooperation.  That is why a lot of our customers are customer for years.