Embedded software

Technology is our passion, Quality is what we stand for

Technology and quality is in our DNA. 3T invests a lot in building up knowledge of new technologies and manufacturing. We do this by performing technology research projects internally. This enables us to excel in a number of technologies and guarantee the quality of your product.

One of our core compentences is embedded software.

Embedded software

The functionality of a product is more and more determined by software. Software forms an integral part of the product (hence embedded software) and it, normally, not easy to be replaced by the end-user. Embedded software has therefore to meet strict requirements when it comes to quality, reliability and durability. Combined with custom made hardware, this forms a big technical challenge.

We can develop the level system software (e.g. Bootloader, Board Support Package, Operating System, Drivers) for different platforms like Embedded Linux, Android, Windows Embedded or any other commercial or open source Operating System. Next to that, we can also develop the application software for you.

Software development is done with a strong focus on quality. In order to guarantee that, we use version and code analysis tools and automatic (unit) test systems during software development.

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