FPGA/SoC development

Technology is our passion, Quality is what we stand for

Technology and quality is in our DNA. 3T invests a lot in building up knowledge of new technologies and manufacturing. We do this by performing technology research projects internally. This enables us to excel in a number of technologies and guarantee the quality of your product.

One of our core compentences is FPGA/SoC development.

Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

The enormous capacity and performance of the current Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) makes it a very suitable component for time critical and high performance systems.

FPGAs are more often used as a platform for programmable systems which include DSPs, processor cores and real time software. By making use of standard modules (e.g. IP cores), the development time is significantly reduced.

Advantages of FPGA based solutions in professional designs are

  • high performance
  • single chip solution
  • re-configurable
  • good support and delivery terms from the manufacturers
  • short development leadtimes
  • low power

3T has build up FPGA knowledge and experience since the introduction of FPGAs in the market. Being a design partner of Intel (former Altera), Xilinx and Microsemi, we have access to the latest FPGA technology such as the newest generations of Systems-On-Chip.

System-on-Chip (SoC)

The latest trend is the System-On-Chip (SoC), a combination of FPGA and microcontrollers in one chip. Intel, Xilinx and Microsemi combine an ARM based processor system consisting of a processor, peripherals and memory interfaces with a FPGA fabric using a highspeed interconnect backbone.

SoCs are therefore ideal for

  • Reducing power consumption, costs and board size by the integration of processors and digital signal processing (DSP) functions in a FPGA.
  • Enhancing the system performance by high bandwidth interconnection between processor and FPGA.
  • Enabling product differentiation by changing both hardware (FPGA) as well as the embedded software (processor).

At this moment we work on different projects using SoCs of Intel, Xilinx and Microsemi

Design partnerships

3T is partner van Microsemi FPGA's en SoC's

Xilinx Alliance Program Certified logo


Being Gold partner of the Intel FPGA Design Solutions Network for many years, we have done many designs using serveral types of Intel FPGAs and tooling.


3T is Altera Quartus II certifiedSoCs



3T is Hardware Partner of the Microsemi FPGA & SoC Partner Program since 2017. Microsemi FPGAs and SoCs are known for their low-power usage and safety. We have done several designs using Microsemi FPGAs and tooling such as:





Being a Certified Alliance partner of the Xilinx Alliance Program  we have done many designs using serveral types of Xilinx FPGAs and tooling. 3T is a Certified Alliance Partner of Xilinx since 2012. Certified Members have passed a comprehensive company self-audit and maintain Xilinx Certified engineers who are well trained on Xilinx All Programmable devices and design methodologies.