3T launches the PEPPER: a flexible digital precision amplifier platform

The PEPPER is a development board with a highly accurate 4-channel digital amplifier using state-of-the-art Gallium-Nitride (GaN) FETs. It is ideal for the control, characterization and testing of power components such as motors, power supplies, transformers, inductors and actuators.

”The PEPPER is the second ingredient that we launch for customer specific solutions. In combination with the MINT you get a flexible amplifier where the control algorithms can be developed for Altera Arria V SOC of MINT”, says Richard Mijnheer, CEO of 3T.

“The PEPPER is implemented as an FMC card so that it, next to the MINT, can be used in combination with most common FPGA or microcontroller development boards. We also going to support Model-Based Design on the combination of PEPPER and MINT, such that one can develop control algorithms, generate code and test hardware-in-the-loop using MatLAB/Simulink”, says Norbert Beltman, COO of 3T.

More information on the PEPPER can be found on 3t.nl/en/pepper/