3T launches OCTOPUS

3T launches Octopus: Octopus is a high-quality modular I / O test platform with which complex PLC installations can be tested automatically.


“Octopus is the fifth customer-specific ingredient we are launching and the third ingredient in our testing systems technology, in addition to MINT and PythonVIEW,” said Richard Mijnheer, CEO of 3T.


“We developed Octopus because we see that there is an increasing demand for automated test systems that can be used for testing PLC solutions. Octopus can simulate both digital and analog I / Os in parallel and triggered so that all kinds of test scenarios can be run through; Controlled from, for example, Python scripts, LabVIEW or MATLAB applications. ”, says Norbert Beltman, COO of 3T.


“This makes Octopus an ideal test platform for Engineering Regression Tests, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) or Site Acceptance Test (SAT) environments” says Richard Mijnheer, CEO of 3T.


Octopus consists of several different modules: TEMSY (the heart of the OCTOPUS platform and provides the interface to the test applications) to which a maximum of 100 I / O modules can be connected. Currently two types of I / O modules are available: TEMDI (with 16 digital inputs, “soft” galvanically isolated) and TEMDO (with 8 digital output channels with 3 potential-free series-switched contacts).


In the first quarter of this year, the TEMAIO (with 16 programmable analog current or voltage outputs and 16 continuously measuring analog voltage inputs) and the TEMRTD (with 8 programmable 4-wire resistor synthesis outputs) will be added.


More information about OCTOPUS can be found at https://3t.nl/en/octopus/