3T launches PythonVIEW

3T launches PythonVIEW: a software library to connect LabVIEW and Python. PythonVIEW makes it possible to execute Python scripts under the control of LABVIEW, but also to provide LabVIEW functionality to Python scripts in a standardized way.

”PythonVIEW is the third ingredient for customer specific solutions that we launch. It provides the possibility to combine the best of two worlds, LabVIEW en Python”, says Richard Mijnheer, CEO of 3T.

“We have developed PythonVIEW because we see a growing need in test systems for a standardized way to execute scripts in combination with LabVIEW applications. For complex and task-oriented embedded applications is Python an excellent scripting language”, says Norbert Beltman, COO of 3T.

PythonVIEW can be downloaded for free after registration. More information about PythonVIEW can be found at 3t.nl/pythonview

About 3T

3T is a co-development partner for customer specific electronics and embedded systems. 3T is, with a team of more than 40 engineers, one of the largest design houses in the Netherlands.

A large number of 3Ts customers are manufacturers of high-end products such as machines, professional devices, test and measurement systems, communication systems, innovative consumer products and medical devices.


Richard Mijnheer

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