From 6 October 2013 The RED Engine from the Solar Team Twente drove the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge for five days. They completed the race and finished 3rd place. Read more about how the World Solar Challenge went in our news overview or on the website of the Solar Team.

Cooperation between Solar Team Twente and 3T









The Solar Team Twente consists of students of Saxion Hogeschool and Twente University. The team built a solar powered car. With this car they take place in the Solar Challenge in Australia with the goal (of course) to win.

A numbers of knowlegde institutes and companies sponsor the team. Most companies do this by supplying materials. 3T supplies mainly knowledge and expertise in the area of energy storage and control. From the start of the Solar Team Twente, 3T has been the source of knowledge for electronics for the team that gets a complete new crew every two years.







3T has been developing energy storage and battery management systems for e-bikes for Sparta. This experience is mixed with the experiences gained with the Solar Team Twente.
A more detailed article about the Solar Team and the involved technology can be found  here.