Manufacturing integrated with development

A world-class product is the result

Developing a product doesn’t stop after the design of it. In order to guarantee the quality, we also do the production and supply towards you.
We work together with different manufacturing partners. We choose the right manufacturing methods in order to guarantee the required quality, costs, and lead time. The knowledge we gain during manufacturing is then used in new development projects. This guarantees that the products we develop can be manufactured in the most optimal way.

Early involvement

Manufacturing of electronics doesn’t start after the design is finished. Our manufacturing engineers are involved right from the start of the development. When components are selected by the designers, they also look at delivery lead times, costs, and possible alternatives, but especially at the testability and manufacturability of the electronics. Because we know all the specific requirements of the products by heart, we are able to select the best manufacturing method and guarantee the required quality. We call this Design For Excellence (DFX).

Quality control

Quality and technology is in our DNA. Quality of our products is the number one item on our list. Quality control is defined in our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system. For each customer we define a  Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), in which for every process step, we perform audits according to ISO 2859. Based on the results we perform corrective actions. We do this during the complete lifetime of your product. In this way we can guarantee the agreed Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL).

In 2013 we have realised an AQL of 0.25, based on all products supplied by 3T.

Supply chain management

After the design has been finalized, we can supply prototypes as well as tested and qualified products. We can handle batches that vary from several units up to many thousands per year. We can set up the most suitable supply chain for you and if needed, worldwide. 3T will be able to manage it, perform quality control and handle the complete logistics for you. We are able to completely take it out of your hands.

If needed we can also supply products “box build”. We don’t just supply the electronics, but can also assemble your products in their housing and in your packaging. Ready to be shipped directly to your end-customer.

The supply chain is setup based on delivery schedule that we have defined with you beforehand. This can be a flexible scheme but also a fixed schedule based on batch sizes, delivery lead times, and rolling forecasts. Together with you we determine the most suitable supply chain solution.

Leading in manufacturing technology

3T has extensive experience with various manufacturing technologies for electronic equipment. This allows us to choose the right manufacturing method for you, resulting in a product with the required quality and the lowest possible cost.

Al lot of things are important when producing electronics like:

  • Design For Excellence (DFX): Manufacturability, Testability and Cost-effectiveness
  • New component packages and PCB technologies e.g. PoP, Flip Chip, LGA, TQFN and FlexPCBs

Although we don’t manufacture electronics ourselves, we still find it important to invest in knowledge of manufacturing electronics. The components are becoming more and more complex due to increasing miniaturization. This makes the manufacturing of electronics more and more difficult and less reliable.

Production partners

As a customer of 3T, you are free to choose the production partner. Do you already have a production partner? No problem. We will bring the product developed by us in production at your partner. You can also leave the choice to 3T. We have 3 preferred production partners where we can produce your product. Our partners are:

Global Electronics - 3T EMS partner

Elect - 3T EMS partner