Model-Based Design

Technology is our passion, Quality is what we stand for

Technology and quality is in our DNA. 3T invests a lot in building up knowledge of new technologies and manufacturing. We do this by performing technology research projects internally. This enables us to excel in a number of technologies and guarantee the quality of your product.

One of our core compentences is Model-Based Design.

Model-Based Design

Model-Based Design flow zoals we die binnen 3T gebruiken

Model-Based Design is a process for fast and cost-effective development of dynamic systems. These are typically controls systems, systems with signal processing and communication systems. In Model-Based Design the system model is is the center of the development process, from the development of requirements, to the design, implementation and validation of the system. The model becomes an executable specification that you continually refine throughout the development process. After model development, simulation shows whether the model works correctly.

When software and hardware implementation requirements are included with the model, such as fixed-point and timing behavior, you can generate code for the target hardware and you can test hardware-in-the-loop, saving time and avoiding manually coded errors.


Model-Based Design several advantages:

  • The model is the specification
  • Impact of requirements are clear very early
  • Change requests can be implemented quickly
  • Design errors are visible in an early stage
  • Continuous verification in a model-based simulation including hardware-in-the-loop
  • No programming errors due to code generation
  • Hardware choices can be delayed
  • Higher quality, flexibility and shorter time-to-market

MathWorks tooling: MATLAB en SimuLink

Mathworks Connection Partner logoFor Model-Based Design we use the toolchain of MathWorks: MATLAB and Simulink. We have experience in the use of Model-Based Design with code generation voor FPGAs and  microcontrollers. We also have enabled our MINT and PEPPER for Model-Based Design using MATLAB and SimuLink.

Being a MathWorks partner we are at front of Model-Based Design technology which is shown by the  user story “3T Develops Robot Emergency Braking System with Model-Based Design” that MathWorks published on their website.

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