Power electronics

Technology is our passion, Quality is what we stand for

Technology and quality is in our DNA. 3T invests a lot in building up knowledge of new technologies and manufacturing. We do this by performing technology research projects internally. This enables us to excel in a number of technologies and guarantee the quality of your product.

One of our core compentences is power electronics.

Power electronics

Power electronics play an important role in electronics nowadays. Efficiency (energy saving) and heat dissipation are important parameters in designs. Specially when it comes to embedded and battery supplied systems.

In our power electronics designs, we use modern components like IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), FET (Field Effect Transistor) en planar transformers.

We put a lot of attention and effort to the mechanical construction using Design for Excellence (DFX): Manufacturability, Testability and Cost-effectiveness. The cost price of the design can be reduced significantly if tit has a high efficiency and uses smart cooling.

Some examples of power electronics we have done are

  • 1500 W load for HID lamps
  • Converters and stepper motor controllers (25 – 750W)
  • 250 W  brushless Direct Drive Motor
  • DC/DC converters

Digital Power Amplifier

3T has developed a high-precision digital power amplifier: PEPPER. PEPPER uses state-of-the art FETs.

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