3T Quickscan

A free advice so you know where you stand


Do you ever run into these issues?
  • Which electronics and software technology do we need to use in order to achieve the correct functionality?
  • We must develop new electronics. Do we have the capacity, knowledge and experience or should we outsource the development?
  • Certain components are be coming obsolete. What alternatives do we have? Do we need to do a re-design?
  • We want to achieve a cost reduction for our products. How do we do that?
  • We have production problems. Should we use a test system in production?
  • Do we need to do the life-cycle management of the electronics ourselves or not?
  • Our electronics has problems with EMC / EMI. Who can help us to resolve this?
  • Our electronics have to meet various specific requirements eg. Medical Device Directive (MDD) or Safety Integrity Level (SIL). What does this mean for development?

3t deals with these kinds of issues on a daily basis. We work for a large number of customers where we take care of the development, manufacturing and innovation & support of electronics and embedded systems.

To help you answer these questions we can do the 3T Quickscan for you.

3T Quickscan

The 3T Quickscan is 1 to 2 days analysis of your problem and where we come up with a completely free advice and if necessary, a quotation.

We start with a conversation at your company where you present your problem to us. Based on your problem statement, we involve the right engineers to analyze the problem in 1 or 2 days. Then we invite you to 3T, to present our advice to you.

3T Quickscan is completely free and without obligation. Of course we do this under non-disclosure agreement.