Flexible Motor Control

VIPER: Flexible Motor Control

VIPER is a building block for flexible motor control solutions. 
VIPER consists of a powerfull processor, an intelligent FET driver and a discrete power stage which can provide upto 1kW (in its basic version) to motors with permanent magnets (like BLDC, PMSM, IPM but also steppermotors) with a supply voltage upto 28V (40V peak). There is also a variant for upto 40V (60V peak).

Fig. 1: Example of a 1-channel sensorless BLDC motor control solution – 24V-1kW

The VIPER concept is scalable and can also be adapted for other voltages and powers like we have done for the Motor Control Unit (MCU) of Solarteam Twente (see here).

The building block can be combined with interfacing to all kind of sensors, encoders, UARTs (RS232), CAN buses, EEPROMs, digital I/O and analog signals.

An advantage of the powerfull processor is that customer specific functions can be added to the motor controller. This can be motion control functions, but also things like logging of usage or faults, storing of settings that define the behaviour of the device, update of software. This creates a customer specific solution by reusing the basic functions of the VIPER building block.

Primary properties:

  • Power upto 1 kW (scalable)
  • Phase currents upto 60A amplitude (scalable)
  • Supply voltage 20 – 28 V (optional upto 40V)
  • Efficiency upto 98% @ 800 W
  • Supported motors: BLDC / PMSM / IPM / stepper motors (microstepping)
  • 3 phase sensorless sinus steering based upon FOC (Field Oriented Control)
  • Protected outputs and configurable edge switching  (EMC)
  • Flexible platform for customer specific functionality
  • Extenable with bootloader for software updates and PC tooling for configuration and logging

Fig. 2: Example of a 3-channel sensor(less) BLDC motor control solution – 3 x 500W

Examples of application:

  • Highly efficient battery power tools
  • Direct drive motor solutions (compact solution for e.g. e-bike or robot arms)
    • Frameless direct drive torque motors
  • Compact modules for machines with local control
  • Load and Motion Control solutions

Design services

3T has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and realising customer specific hardware. The VIPER building block can be integrated in your tailor-made solution.