The objective of this assignment is to make a demo application that uses the four Cortex A53 cores of the Zynq UltraScale+ SoC  in AMP mode, where one core runs Linux, 1 core FreeRTOS and 2 cores are used bare metal (without OS). The cores will communicate using OpenAMP. In addition, the demo application will show the capabilities of some of the peripherals of the SoC (DisplayPort, USB3). Other items which can be considered as part of this assignment (depending on the time) are:

  • Comparison of real-time behavior among FreeRTOS the Cortex A53 cores and the Cortex R5 cores of the SoC. This could be done, for example by implementing in the FPGA portion of the SoC using VHDL functionality, which can measure the real-time response.
  • Research and use of the potential for safety-critical applications of the SoC: ECC on internal and external memory, using the Cortex-R5 cores in lockstep fashion.
  • Research on similar products from other manufacturers.

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