I have been seconded to 3T, and I liked working for them so much that I joined them in 2011. It is a company that offers me a permanent workplace close to home with very challenging projects. I ‘m working on VHDL code for FPGAs , from specifications to the qualification of the code on the hardware.

The projects that we do are really challenging and complex. We often do things we have not done before. We always manage to bring the project to a successful end. This enables me to learn new things all the time. For this you get enough room at 3T. I got the opportunity to work with new technologies such as SystemVerilog and Model -Based Design.

The nice thing is also that we’re working in a multidisciplinary team. My colleagues are always helpful. We have an open culture where I can walk in for questions at everyone.

Why should you choose 3T? Because 3T has challenging projects for you that give you opportunities to develop yourself.