I ‘m a Lead Engineer and location manager in Eindhoven and have both technical and organizational roles. For one project I am the software/system architect and for the other the project manager. As location manager I am responsible for the daily business at our office in Eindhoven and also involved in the appraisals and the selection and hiring of new staff. The alternation of the two roles makes working at 3T so much fun. I am also Chairman of the Works Council of 3T .

I graduated at 3T. After ten years from for other companies I was up for a new challenge as a Software Architect . When I read that they were going to open an office in Best, I applied. 3T is a leader in electronics and FPGA area.We are a relatively unknown player in the embedded software area, but I expect that we will grow strong  in the next 5 years.

Why should you choose 3T? It is a group of people with technology in their DNA. If you have that too there are lots of opportunities to work with colleagues in technically challenging projects.  The employee benefits are good and 3T invests in the development of the employees. Combined with a group of great colleagues makes 3T the ideal employer for me.