3T: Your partner for customer specific electronics & embedded systems

We stand for innovative products with high quality meeting customer expectations

Joep van Beurden, CEO of Kendrion

“The acquisition of 3T offers significant growth potential for Kendrion, strengthening our software and electronics development capabilities across our business groups.

3T’s excellent skills and capabilities in software and electronics are of great benefit to our IAC Group. Moreover, our Automotive and Industrial Brakes businesses, benefit too, as the need for smart solutions is increasing.

3T’s locations in Enschede and Eindhoven are close to leading technical universities and institutions of higher technical education, giving us access to the software and electronics capabilities that we need to support our long-term growth.”

Michiel Bloemen, CEO of 3T

“Kendrion has proven to be the right partner to advance and expand our business. Together, we can capture significant opportunities beyond our current markets.

Within Kendrion, we will continue to operate under the 3T brand and logo, as we do what we do best: design and deliver customer specific, high-end electronics and embedded systems for advanced applications in healthcare, semiconductor, robotics, and more.

I am convinced that the synergies and impressive market opportunities resulting from our partnership will translate into a continuing successful growth path for 3T.”


Development through cooperation. From the beginning we think together with you about the specifications, producibility, and required cost price of your product. We make sure that the product meets the necessary standards and legislation. Together with you we make the right choices, taking product and market developments in consideration. In this way, you will get a product that is in time for a successful market launch.


Developing a product doesn’t stop after the design of it. In order to guarantee the quality, we also facilitate the production and supply towards you. We work together with different production partners. We choose the best production method in order to guarantee the required quality, costs, and lead time. The knowledge we gain during production is then used in new development projects. This guarantees that our developed products can be produced in the most optimal way.


When the product has been developed and produced, we still go a bit further. We can give technical support on the products developed by us. We can also do product innovations: extending the product lifetime by means of a redesign, reducing product cost, or adding new features and functions to your product.  We have all the necessary competence to maintain the complete life-cycle of your product: from idea to phase-out. Want to know more? Let us do the 3T Quickscan.

3T: leading for more than 25 years


We are proud on the projects we have been able to do for our customers. Many of these projects are covered by non-disclosure. Still we have done publications together with our customers about a number of projects because these customers are very satisfied with 3T. These can be found under Customer Projects.


Technology and quality is in our DNA. 3T invests a lot in building up knowledge of new technologies and manufacturing techniques. With a team of more than 60 people we have a lot of experience and knowledge.

We excel in a number of technologies in order to guarantee the quality of your product.

We are specialized in analog, digital, and power electronics, FPGA/SoC development, model-based designembedded software and test systems based on LabVIEW software.

We guarantee quality by good craftsmanship of our people and by working according to our ISO 9001: 2015 and EN ISO 13485: 2016 (medical) certified quality system.

In 2019 3T received a FD Gazellen award from the Financieel Dagblad for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.