Innovation & Support: Partner from idea to phase-out

Once a product is developed and produced, we still go a bit further. We can give technical support on the products developed by us.
We can also do product innovations: extending the product lifetime by means of a redesign, doing cost reductions, or adding new features and functions to your product.  We have all the necessary competence to maintain the complete life-cycle of your product: from idea to phase-out.

Product innovations

A product is hardly ever completely finished. During the life-time of a product new ideas for functions and features or wishes for cost reductions, arise. It also can happen that components become obsolete forcing a redesign of the product. We are able to realize the new ideas by taking on the responsibility for the complete life cycle of a product. This makes sure your product is always in good hands.

Not only our designs

Is your product not developed by 3T? Also then we can do product innovations. Our experienced team of engineers is able to take in an existing design by analyzing the available design documents and source code and come up with a proposal how to realize the required innovations. It doesn’t matter if it is just making the product ROHS compliant or redesigning the product due to component obsolesce. We have the design and production knowledge to realize this for you.


Although we put a lot of effort in the quality of the product, it still can happen that support is needed on the product.  Next to that we give warranty on the products 3T supplies, we can also provide 2nd or 3rd line support based on a service level agreement.